Halibut with mushroom and chives pasta


I was inspired by the fish market in Bergen, I found some good ingredients in the hostel for free, plus I had some nuts leftover that I was carrying since Dublin. My friend Melisa bought them for me and insisted I take some unsalted nuts for the squirrels in London, apparently there is no other place than Dublin to find unsalted nuts (sigh…), so this recipe is dedicated to her :-).

So yeah, I feed the squirrels in London some nuts, they have a taste for Whittakers chocolate too that I have reserved for a NZ expat that was impossible to meet, so we feasted. While I was lying there and after being in Ireland and Scotland (and some feelings if you catch my drift) it occurred to me that coffee beans may have been a better idea for the squirrels, see what happens, perhaps I will witness the speed of light being broken. Anyway, here is the condensed:

  • Get some nuts segregated, I prefer cashews and almonds, blanch the almonds to remove the skin, toast them in some oil.
  • Cure some halibut with salt and sugar on the side, this draws some water and makes the flesh firmer (Optional)
  • Get some spaghetti pasta cooking, needs to be for free, this recipe does not work if this ingredient is not for free. Improvise a runny mushroom (for free!!) white sauce or use cream. Finish the  the pasta and sauce in a pan with some chives.
  • Cook the halibut in butter with salt and pepper
  • Enjoy the gifts of life.