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The PID Toolboxduino


I’ve been working in a very involved projects lately, that it is why my blog have been suffering the lacks of posts. The idea is to have a PID controller in box, with different type of sensors and outputs to mainly control temperature, such as for sous vide in a rice cooker or croc pot, a smoker, a chocolate melting tank, anything that involves a precise temperature and electrical appliances.

The code and more tech details are at https://github.com/jarossi/pidtoolboxduino

Code is still messy but works, and it is bug free enough for me to post the project.

It features the following:

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Bone conduction headphones repair, enter the tic tac amp

imageI got given a pair of AfterShokz bone conduction headphones for repair, apparently the buttons did not work.

Prying open the case was a nightmare, no screws, and I end up not knowing what happen to them in the end, I may have killed them during the process, they won’t power up despite there was charge in the battery.

So with all lost, I decided to just change it all.  And since I spent so much in the repair (time and in spare parts) I got to keep them.

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