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Hazelnut paté

Since I have tasted foie gras I have been in a quest to replicate that nutty, buttery rich flavour in something that will be close, you can call it faux gras, made with alternative ( and available to me) ingredients. Experimented with duck fat, normal duck livers, walnut oil, sesame seed oil, brown butter and different recipes on the web to create it. I have not come close to the holy grail yet, but still some darn tasty things on the way, one I would share it is hazelnut paté, one of the most popular.
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Felt like steak and chips


Cooked this eye fillet steak with “mesh” fries, could not help to share it in the blog. It was melt in your mouth meat.

Never seen “mesh” fries (called waffle too) around in NZ. “Mesh” fries are all about pure crispiness (surface area), they have holes in them, so if you used with dips they will pick up heaps of it.  Here is the condensed for this dish

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The PID Toolboxduino


I’ve been working in a very involved projects lately, that it is why my blog have been suffering the lacks of posts. The idea is to have a PID controller in box, with different type of sensors and outputs to mainly control temperature, such as for sous vide in a rice cooker or croc pot, a smoker, a chocolate melting tank, anything that involves a precise temperature and electrical appliances.

The code and more tech details are at https://github.com/jarossi/pidtoolboxduino

Code is still messy but works, and it is bug free enough for me to post the project.

It features the following:

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