Felt like steak and chips


Cooked this eye fillet steak with “mesh” fries, could not help to share it in the blog. It was melt in your mouth meat.

Never seen “mesh” fries (called waffle too) around in NZ. “Mesh” fries are all about pure crispiness (surface area), they have holes in them, so if you used with dips they will pick up heaps of it.  Here is the condensed for this dish

Beef: Cook a piece of eye fillet seasoned with liquid smoke,  garlic powder, salt and pepper 180@55C. Sear in butter. Make a sauce with the searing butter and bag juices, garnish with some scallions (uhhhh Juan!!,  you are getting fancy!!!, they are just spring onions)

“Mesh” fries:  You will need a specific mandolin, otherwise you cannot get the holes in when slicing the potatos, you need the ones that have the wobbly cutter (also called waffle cutter), like the one in the picture:


The technique to make them is to slice once, then turn the potato 70-90 degrees and slice again, then for the next slice we go to the original position for slicing. Like that back and forward rotating the potato, you will get some rhythm :).

Dry them after cutting with paper towels, fry until crisp.

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