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Buried tomato sauce

imageBack in my chilhood, when everything was good, one of the first really good memories about food, I remembered that my dad and mom make me taste something that stuck with me all these years.

It started by digging a hole in the ground, like finding a treasure,  and carefully opening a bottle. It was the taste of sunshine, hinted with garlic, and bay leaves, transmuted into gold maybe?

A tradition that it is lost, that I am trying to revive.

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The Searzall is here

DSCF3647_lznMy handheld broiler is here, we will see how it goes, there are opposing opinions in the internet regarding its effectiveness, we will see in which side Juan(no pun intended) ends.

It definitely looks like a funky microphone, I went trough the setup and seasoning process, it is quite easy to setup, we will see how long the screens last.

Things I plan to test it with it:

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