Bone conduction headphones repair, enter the tic tac amp

imageI got given a pair of AfterShokz bone conduction headphones for repair, apparently the buttons did not work.

Prying open the case was a nightmare, no screws, and I end up not knowing what happen to them in the end, I may have killed them during the process, they won’t power up despite there was charge in the battery.

So with all lost, I decided to just change it all.  And since I spent so much in the repair (time and in spare parts) I got to keep them.

I ordered:

I savaged the batterry and microphone, fitted everything in a tic tac box, and followed specification to wire a spare button I had. Also added a LED and switch to power on and off.

Now as extra features, included micro USB charger, and the old clip attached with velcro that can be reoriented.

It is bigger, and unsure how long it is going to last, these builds do not last long, and probably the battery will be killed if I forget it on. Sounds good though.

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