The PID Toolboxduino


I’ve been working in a very involved projects lately, that it is why my blog have been suffering the lacks of posts. The idea is to have a PID controller in box, with different type of sensors and outputs to mainly control temperature, such as for sous vide in a rice cooker or croc pot, a smoker, a chocolate melting tank, anything that involves a precise temperature and electrical appliances.

The code and more tech details are at

Code is still messy but works, and it is bug free enough for me to post the project.

It features the following:

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Bone conduction headphones repair, enter the tic tac amp

imageI got given a pair of AfterShokz bone conduction headphones for repair, apparently the buttons did not work.

Prying open the case was a nightmare, no screws, and I end up not knowing what happen to them in the end, I may have killed them during the process, they won’t power up despite there was charge in the battery.

So with all lost, I decided to just change it all.  And since I spent so much in the repair (time and in spare parts) I got to keep them.

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No more poking keys

DSCF3664For a while I have been toying with the idea of replacing my keychain, I have always care about what I carry in my pokets, I stride for small and convenient. So I started to investigate solutions for those pesky poking keys, and found out a Swiss army knife style solution.

These are prototypes made by hand, I have few debuggers in line ( Hey Liz! ). If they probe popular I may start making them more often.

What you reckon, Do you like? would you pay for something like this? how much?

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Buried tomato sauce

imageBack in my chilhood, when everything was good, one of the first really good memories about food, I remembered that my dad and mom make me taste something that stuck with me all these years.

It started by digging a hole in the ground, like finding a treasure,  and carefully opening a bottle. It was the taste of sunshine, hinted with garlic, and bay leaves, transmuted into gold maybe?

A tradition that it is lost, that I am trying to revive.

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